How to Set up a Yoga Area at Home

Group classes are amazing, but sometimes, for varying reasons (thanks Covid-19!) we can’t make it to a session and instead opt for home practice. As we know, yoga works best when it is practiced consistently, so having a welcoming and well set up space at home is important to help you get the most out of your practice.

Here’s our essential list for what you need to set up a Yoga or Zen Area at home:

1. All you need is just enough space for your mat, and a few feet perimeter around it.

2. Find a quiet space in your house or outside you can always return to.

A simple space with natural light

3. Try and set up near a window or arrange for some natural light to come through to your space.

4. This is “Your Space”. Try and let others in the household know this is your special space and it needs to be respected.

Remind others that this is your special space!

5. Have a notebook, mirror, or white board on hand where you can jot down your intentions or what you are working on in the moment you go to practice. This way you have a reason for being there, other than the physical benefits of the yoga poses.

6. Have a few nice things you like the look of, that make you feel something. This could be a photo of a nice memory, or even just a sea shell if you love the ocean. Arrange them near where you have written your intention.

Surround yourself with special things to create your unique space

7. Journal. This doesn’t need to be a “Dear Diary” thing, but sometimes things come up while you practice, some really good stuff you might want to reflect on later… Jot that down!

8. Any yoga props, cushion of some sort, water, towel or blanket.

9. Small light, candle, essential oil diffuser or incense. Turing on a light, or lighting up something that smells nice helps to create the start of your practice.

Have fun with your at-home practice; it’s a great way to complement your group classes at Bowen Physiotherapy, relax after work, energise at the start of the day or keep you moving when you can’t attend a guided session.

Enjoy your mat time, nothing major needs to happen. You’ll never regret time on your mat!