Paying for Telehealth Consultations

Fees apply to Telehealth consultations provided by Bowen Physiotherapy and can be clarified by contacting our team.

Payment will need to be provided prior to your consultation and will be arranged with you by our team.


Clients with a current, valid medicare referral may be eligible for Telehealth Consultations; our team can provide more information on whether you are eligible and level of cover provided.

Third Party Cover

If you have an accepted Workcover QLD claim, DVA referral, Medicare (EPC) referral or other third party cover Telehealth Consultations may be covered in full. However, these are conditional and may be subject to change. Our team will confirm any out of pocket expenses when scheduling your appoint.

Private Health

Bowen Physiotherapy are not able to apply private health rebates to Telehealth consultations. Payment for your appointment will need to made in full prior to the consultation and will be arranged with you by our team. We will provide a receipt via email; depending on your cover you may be able to claim directly through your fund.