How to: Telehealth via Video Link

For a video link consultation you will need to have access to either a pc / laptop, tablet or phone with camera & audio suitable for a video call and reliable internet or mobile data connection. Instructions on how to join the video link meeting will be provided by our team prior to the appointment.

Bowen Physiotherapy will create a secure meeting appointment via ‘Zoom’ or within the ‘PhysiApp’ application.

Video consultations via Zoom

If you are advised the consultation will be viaZoomyou will receive an email invite that includes a meeting link. Accept the meeting invitation, and this will add a reminder to your email calendar. When the consultation time is due, you may receive this automated reminder from your own email account. It will be your responsibility to ‘enter’ the meeting by clicking on the meeting link. This will launch the free application on your device.

Video consultations via PhysiApp

If you are advised the consultation will be viaPhysiAppyou must first ensure you have downloaded the free application and accessed your unique program via the supplied code. If you are unsure, contact our team for assistance. You will need to log in to your PhysiApp program prior to the appointment time. A video call request will come through from our team for you to answer. Alternatively, if you have not logged in, an invitation to join will be sent to your supplied email address.

Before you begin

Ensure you are in a quiet location, have a reliable internet connection or mobile data, and that the audio and camera on your device is operating. If you have never taken part in a video link meeting before, you may like to have a friend or relative assist you, and test out these features on your device prior to your consultation.

Once you have ‘joined’ the meeting for your appointment, one of our team will greet you, ensure the link is working correctly and arrange payment if required prior to your physiotherapist beginning your consultation.

After the consultation

At the end of the consult, exit the meeting. Our team will contact you to arrange a follow-up as required. This may include scheduling a follow up appointment or orientating you to an at-home exercise program and will also provide you with opportunity for feedback.